Shu Yu

Shu Yu (Beijing, China)

  • 1992

    Graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, got awarded of Bacheor of Fine Arts in art education major, final project was collected by LunXun Academy of Fine Arts.

  • 2008

    Been occupied with the director of film and television since 2008 till now, during which my artworks were collected in joint exhibition holding by Beijing 798 Art Zone.

  • 2017

    Got awarded in the 2017 American Art Awards, juried by America’s 25 Best Galleries & Museums (category 47, digital art – representational)

  • 2017

    Public service advertising short film 'Shadow' sponsored by BYBO dental hospital, directed by me, was awarded the first place in the 24th Chinese International Advertising Festival public service Yellow River Awards.

  • 2018

    Became one of the 50 runner-ups in the 27th Artavita Online Contest

    Became  the winner of the 28th Artavita Online Contest in the category of Digital Art,

    The City Advertising short film 'Changchun' was shown in Times Square.

    Pass  the  first  selection  in  the  digital  graphic  unit  in  the  12th  Laguna  Art  Prize

    Became a 4X  winner  in  the  2018  American  Art  Awards;

    Won  the  4th  place  in  futurism;  Won  the  6th  place  in  surrealism.

    Became  the  member  artist  in  Circle  Foundation  Art  from  French.